Times Tables 500 app

Learn to multiply at your own pace.

Learn all the essential tables by practising

This app contains a lot of exercises, with which you learn to multiply interactively with the numbers 1 through 20.
Additionally, the app also includes exercises to learn to multiply by 25, 30, 50, 100, 125, 250 and 500.
For each table, you can find eight exercises in the app.
The practice begins with learning the table in ascending order, then you practice the tables in random order.
Finally, you practice the table again together with other times tables, which you have already learned previously.

Choose one out of the five booklets

This app contains five digital practice books. Each booklet contains 40 exercises.

Learn each table from your head

First, you learn the table in order, Then you will discover them in random order.

Make the right choice

It will be comfortable in the beginning, because you get a limited number of answer options. However, it becomes more and more difficult, as the answer options increase and you have to make a choice from right and wrong answers.

Learn multiplication sums separately

In the end, the exercises focus more on multiplying two numbers and not so much in the format of a table. It also combines many different times tables. This way you also learn about the relationship between the tables.

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