Dutch verbs: the past tense and the past participle

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In this app you learn to conjugate Dutch verbs in the past tense and the past participle. In Dutch we know regular verbs (also called weak verbs), strong verbs (also called sound-changing verbs) and irregular verbs. The app consists of the following four parts:

  • Learning to conjugate weak verbs according to the "kofschiptaxi"-rule.
  • Automate strong (and irregular) verbs.
  • The past participle
  • Tests

In total, the app contains 44 exercises in which a total of 2000 questions have been processed. The strong and irregular verbs can best be memorized. This app has 24 exercises that let you train about 144 common strong verbs in three ways (choose, find fault in the sentence, write yourself). An exercise begins with showing the list of verbs with the correct conjugations. This app has been developed for and with children who have difficulty in conjugating verbs in the past tense and as a past participle. This app supports children with learning the conjugation for common verbs.

Schermvoorbeeld van een oefening over medeklinkers en klinkers

Vowel or consonant

In order to be able to join weak (regular) verbs, the app has step by step exercises to learn to apply the so-called "Kofschiptaxi"-rule. The first exercise is about learning to understand what vowels are and consonants. A first step to learn how to use the "Kofschiptaxi"-rule.

The root of the verb

In this exercise you learn to formulate the (rough) root of the verb that you will use to conjugate the verbs in the past tense and as a participle.

Schermvoorbeeld van de "'t Kofschip"-regel
Schermvoorbeeld vervoegen van sterke werkwoorden

Irregular verbs

Besides regular verbs, you also have irregular verbs (strong verbs). You just have to learn this by heart. The app exercises you with 150 most common strong verbs. Every time about 15 verbs with three exercises. So that you can learn a piece of this list with verbs weekly.

Schermvoorbeeld oefening over vervoegen van het voltooid deelwoord

Practice the past participle

Even the past participle is not always regular. In three exercises you learn to join the irregular verbs as a past participle. The app also has exercises to formulate the past participle of weak verbs. We also have exercises where both weak and strong verbs are used. For example an exercise where you yourself must indicate the wrong verbs in sentences. Or in this example where you have to type the entire past participle with the special MagiWise Dutch keyboard.





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