Dutch syllables

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This app has been developed for and with children who have difficulty splitting words into syllables. The app explains the theory in a simple way in the form of instruction cards and 7 exercises. In addition to the 7 exercises, the app also includes 4 tests where you learn to split up 200 difficult words into syllables. The app is ideal to support the preparation of cito tests and connects to the Dutch primary school groups 7, 8 and first grade classes. The following topics are covered in the app:

  • What are syllables?
  • Two-syllable words break down.
  • Split words with three or more syllables.
  • Open and closed syllables.
  • Use syllables when breaking sentences.
  • Use syllables when composing words.
  • Exceptions and rules when splitting words.
  • Four tests each composed of 200 difficult words
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The structure of the booklet

This app contains one booklet with 7 exercises and 4 tests. The table of contents gives a good overview of the progress. Each exercise begins with a brief explanation of the theory. The language rules are explained and you learn different skills how to divide the words in certain situations. The app also has exercises which helps you to understand why syllables are so important for learning to write and speak Dutch.

Example of an exercise

This is an example of a question from the first exercise. We start with simple words. You first listen to the word and together with the explanation you indicate how many syllables a word has.

Hoe splits je het woord Water
Hoe splits je het woord Bollen

Open or closed syllables

You also practice the aspect of open and closed syllables. This is later important to find out whether you write a word with double or single consonants between the vowels. In pronouncing, you also know whether the a-vowel pronounces a consonant as 'a' or 'aa' beforehand.

Schermvoorbeeld van een lettergrepen oefening. Kies het juiste woord.

The tests

From the official list defined by the Dutch government for words that a pupil in the first grade class must be able to read and write, we have selected 200 words. Every time you see four possible divisions appear in syllables. Then choose the word that is correctly divided into syllables. Of course you also get an explanation about the many exceptions that the language has.

The guideline for splitting up the words is the official word list of the Dutch language (the green book).





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