Dutch spelling M3

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Have you just started learning to read and write and do you want to learn to spell the first words? Then this is a nice practice app. This app contains two booklets, each with an exciting story. Each story contains 4 chapters, each with 6 exercises in which you can practice the so - called "consonant - vowel - consonant" words. The exercises are divided into:

  • Learn to read Learn to overwrite the words.
  • Word flash.
  • Filling vowels in the MKM words. (eg a or aa)
  • Learning to write the whole word.
  • Dictation about the words from the story.
  • In addition, each booklet also has three dictation keys, so you can test all the words again

The reading level in this app is AVI M3 (6 years with a half year reading instruction). The app uses a special Dutch keyboard that groups all sounds in the Dutch language. This allows you to easily learn the letter combinations and the differences in sound. You also learn to better understand how the combinations of the letters in the words are applied.

Schermvoorbeeld voor index pagina boekje optellen tot 100

Set up the booklet

Each booklet in the app has a table of contents so that you immediately see which exercises you have to do. In each chapter about 16 words have the emphasis in the exercises. These are mainly consonant-vowel-consonant words. Where the vowel is a short or a long vowel (eg e or ee). First you read aloud the text independently. in this text are the words that emphasize with a different color. The exercises start after reading. First you learn to type the words, then let's briefly see the word and then you have to type in the word. The exercises after that place the emphasis on listening to the words and then typing in correctly. During this practice you step by step make yourself competent with writing down the words during a dictation.

Spelling starts with reading

That is why we always start with a text where the words play an emphatic role. Here is an example of a piece of text. Reading is meaningful. So if you have read a sentence, press a button to make the next sentence visible. If you have read the story completely, you can start with the spelling exercises.

Scherm met een verhaaltje
Scherm met een voorbeeld van een MKM woord RAAM

Re-type the word

The first step of learning the word is to look closely at the word. How do the letters form the right sounds. For example, you see that e has a different color than ee. The moment you realize this, you will understand how letters are put together into words. The exercise after this we flash the word. You have to type the word shortly after seeing the word without seeing the word during typing. This is a first step of writing down the word.

voorbeeld van een scherm voor dictee

Spelling in the form of dictation

After learning to write down, we start listening to the word. You listen to a sound fragment in which the word is spoken. Then type in the word. The listening exercises simply start by activating the right letters on the keyboard and end in the dictation where you have to choose between all letters.





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