Dutch Reading Comprehension

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Do you have difficulty with Dutch reading comprehension at school? Then this is a nice practice app. This app contains eight fun exercises and one combined test. Each exercise contains one or two pieces of text that you must read carefully. You will then receive five questions about this text at random. All texts are about animals that live on the savannah in Africa and are made suitable for the upper classes of the primary school. The app contains the following exercises:

  • The roar of the lion.
  • The African buffalo.
  • The giraffe and her enemies.
  • The hyena and the lion.
  • The cheetah is the fastest.
  • The neck and the eyes of the giraffe.
  • Zebra stripes.
  • The trumpet of the elephant.
  • Tests¬†'The savannah'


Schermvoorbeeld van de index van de "Op de Savanne"app

The structure of the reading comprehension booklet

In this booklet (app) you will find 8 short texts about animals that live on the Savannah. You will get questions about these texts that you can answer by choosing the right answer. The questions are about the structure of the texts, difficult words, references in the texts and conclusions that you can draw from the information. At the end you can do a test where a selection of the questions is asked again.

The animals on the savannah

Each exercise is about an animal that lives on the savannah. In this exercise you get fun facts about the stripes of the Zebra.

Schermvoorbeeld met een zebra
Schermvoorbeeld met een stuk tekst over de Afrikaanse buffel

First read well

Every exercise starts with reading. Read the text carefully before you start with the questions. Also during the questions you can always read the text again.

Schermvoorbeeld met een stuk tekst met een vraag

The questions about the text

You can always extract the answers to the questions from the text. You often get questions about the text, reference words or specific difficult words.





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