The ten times tables

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"The ten Times Tables" app contains a total of 90 exercises with which you can learn the multiplication tables 1 to 10. The exercises are grouped in ten booklets with each booklet containing eight exercises on a specific table and finish with a test. Within a booklet, the exercises are arranged from simple to difficult. This exercise structure comes back in the same way in every booklet so that the child can get used to it and can easily read through the subsequent booklets. Because of the design of the app in the form of a booklet, you can always choose a different order for learning the tables. In addition to this app we also have the app "Multiply up to 500", this goes beyond the times table of 10 and is more suitable for children who have already learned the tables and want to repeat them again and explorer further.

Schermvoorbeeld van de index over de app met de tafel van 5

The structure of the app

Within the app, you can choose a book from a specific table. We first start with exercises where the table is explained with apples. Then you learn the table in sequence and then in random order. Each booklet also contains an exercise where the table is pronounced and you have to type the correct solution yourself.

Learn the times table in order

This is an example of an exercise where you learn the times table of 2 in order. You will see four sums each time and four answers. The goal is to learn to recognize the structure of the answers and to memorize the order of the results within the tables.

Schermvoorbeeld van de oefening met de tafel van 2
Schermvoorbeeld van de oefening met de tafel van 2

Single multiplication sums

You also learn to practice with sums without seeing a connection with other sums within the same multiplication table.

Schermvoorbeeld van de oefening met de tafel van 6

Finish the multiplication table by yourself

In this exercise, you have to finish the sum to make the right outcome right.





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