Plus and Minus

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This app contains 10 chapters with different instruction pages and in total 59 interactive exercises. The structure of the app is in the form of a book, so the exercises can optionally be performed in a different order. The app is ideal for supporting the learning process in the start of learning add and subtract numbers. The following subjects are explained and trained in this app:

  • The line with numbers.
  • Add and subtract up to 5.
  • Add and subtract with 5, 10, 15 and 20.
  • Add and subtract up to 20.
  • Split numbers.
  • Step on and step off from a autobus.
  • Add and subtract with 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 , 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100.
  • Add and subtract up to 100.
Schermvoorbeeld oefenen van eenvoudige plussommen

The line with numbers

In the first chapter the number line is explained. What is a number line? A number line is a line on which all numbers are in order from low to high. First you are practicing with numbers up to 5 then eventually up to 20. To learn to understand the concept of number line you first get short exercises in which you have to add the number that has been omitted on the line.

Splitting numbers

To learn the concept of addition and subtraction of numbers, we have added a number of exercises where it has to split a number. The numbers you then get are then added to the main number.

Schermvoorbeeld oefening van splitsen van getallen
Voorbeeld van een uitleg over optellen en aftrekken

Split the train

Once you understand the concept of split numbers, we will count with numbers above five. We then use a train where we have to place blocks on the wagonmen. In this way you learn that 4 + 2 is actually 5 + 1. You learn to count in steps of 5. Once the automatism is in it, we ensure that you can not count the blocks on the wagons anymore. If you manage to make the sums then you can count to 10.

Schermvoorbeeld met een oefening "Bussommen"

The sum with the autobus

We continue to calculate and for this we use the so-called bus sums. E.g. A bus drives away with 20 passengers in it. One gets in at the next stop. How many passengers are in the bus?





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