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This app is developed for and together with children who are learning the first steps in calculating with decimals. This app explains within 10 steps how to calculate with decimals. The app contains 10 chapters with several instruction pages and in total 26 interactive exercises as well 3 quizzes. The structure of the app is based on a booklet like children use at school. This app is perfect to train tests at school and to exercise at home or school difficult subjects regarding calculating with decimals. The following subjects are explained and trained in this app:

  • A line with numbers
  • Compare two decimals
  • Addition with decimals
  • Difficult additions with decimals
  • Subtraction with decimals
  • Difficult subtractions with decimals
  • Change fractions into decimals
  • Change decimals into fractions
  • Add fractions with decimals
  • Quizzes
Schermvoorbeeld van een oefening met de getallenlijn

A line with numbers

In the first chapter the number line is explained. What is a number line? A number line is a line on which all numbers are in order from low to high. First there is practice with whole numbers to learn to understand the concept of number line. Then we will explain that decimal numbers are actually numbers that are on the number line between the integers. The student can practice this with different exercises. The purpose of this chapter is to understand the concept of numbers with decimals.

Simple addition sums with decimals

In chapter three a start is made with learning how to add decimal numbers. First very simple with tithes and sums that are not difficult. eg 1 + 1.2. The exercise gives explanations and visualization of the calculation.

Schermvoorbeeld van een oefening met decimalen optellen (kommagetallen)
Schermvoorbeeld van een oefening met decimalen optellen (kommagetallen)

Addition sums with large decimal numbers

For more difficult addition sums, a method is to temporarily think away the comma. You do this by multiplying the numbers in the sum by 10, 100 or 1000 and later calculating the result by dividing by 10, 100 or 1000. This chapter contains several exercises where this method is practiced step by step.

Schermvoorbeeld van een oefening om kommagetallen optellen met breuken

Add together fractions and decimals

Now you will learn to convert fractions into decimal numbers and backwards, you can practice with sums that contain both a fraction and a decimal number. Chapter 9 contains two exercises where these sums can be practiced.





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