Add up to 100

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Can you add up to 20? Then it is time to move on. In this booklet you practice additions with numbers up to 100. Calculating with tens is the first part, then in 3 steps more difficult situations occur, so that afterwards you can solve additions on your head to the number 100.

This booklet is suitable for children in primary school group 4 to 6 (7 to 9 years) who want to practice with additions. The exercises start easily, but if you go beyond you also get big challenges. The exercises are divided into 4 groups with 7 types of exercises each:

  • Addition of tens (eg: 20 + 10)
  • Addition within tens (eg: 20 + 3)
  • Add up over the next ten. (eg: 22 + 11)
  • Addition with numbers below 100 (eg: 27 + 34)

In total, this MagiWise exercise book has 28 exercises.

The learning method in the app

The app starts with an overview of all exercises. Then you first learn to add tens, then you will practice in three steps with addition numbers smaller than 100.
The exercises in this app are divided into 4 groups. Each group contains 7 exercises. To give you an idea of the different ways of practicing with this app you will find some exercises explained below.

Schermvoorbeeld van een plussom voor groep 5

One by one golving an addition sum

In the first exercise of each group, the app conjures a sum on the screen and you must drag the correct answer behind the = sign. Later you also get an exercise where multiple sums are shown on a single screen.

Listen to the sum

In this exercise you listen to the voice that reads the sum. Next you have to type the answer with the calculator. In this way you learn to add up without making choices from possible answers on the screen.

Schermvoorbeeld van een opdracht met een plussom
Schermvoorbeeld van een plussommen voor groep 5

Fill in the missing part

In these exercises you see the sum with the answer. However, you must fill in part of the sum yourself so that the whole sum is correct. You play with the sums and you actually get experience with subtractions sums without noticing it.

Schermvoorbeeld van twee moeilijke plussommen

Make your own sums

In addition to self-calculating sums you also get an exercise to make sums yourself. You then only get the answer and you then have to compose the sum yourself. In this way you learn to count with numbers from different angles and in this way you gain experience in making additions in a playful way.





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