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Do you want to learn effective the first ten times tables in your head?

This app contains a total of ninety exercises, which allow you to learn the tables, 1 through 10, well.
The exercises are grouped into ten booklets. Each booklet contains eight exercises and covers one specific multiplication table. The booklet closes with a times table test at the end as well. The tasks arrange from simple to challenging. This approach comes back in the same way in each booklet so that you get used to it and do the exercises by yourself. By setting up the app in the form of a book, you can always choose the order in which you want to learn the tables.

Two times a multiplication app

Besides this app, we also have the app, Multiply to 500, which goes beyond the first ten tables and is more suitable for children who have already learn the tables once and want to repeat them again and also want to gain the understanding of higher times tables.

In this multiplication times table app you 'll find ten booklets with exercises.

An multiplication app with ten booklets

This multiplication times table app contains ten digital practice books. Each booklet covers one table and includes eight exercises and a test.

Example question in the app: Learn the times table with apples in a basket.

Learn the table with apples in a basket

First, you learn to understand the multiplication table by counting apples in a bucket. This way, you learn the concept of multiplying.

Learn each multiplication table in order from low to high.

Learning the table in order

First, you learn the multiplication table in order. All sums are ordered from low to high. In this way, you will learn the ten multiplication sums of the table in your head.

Learn randomly the multiplication times tables.

Learn the multiplications separately

When you learn the multiplications in order, you will learn the sums in any order. You always make a choice for different answers.

In the mulitplication times table app you find also a listen exercise.

Learn to listen to the sum

In this exercise, you will listen to the pronunciation of the sum and then type in the answer. By listening first, you will learn even better the sums from your head.

Test example: Show you understand the times table 5 from head.

Learn to complete the sum

During these exercises, you will finish the sum to make the right outcome accurate.

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This promotional video shows an overview of the exercises and gives a good picture of how you can practice with this app.

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