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Get smarter with our knowledge module and your iPad.

Discover all topics in this module
Learn to measure lengths of animals.
Learn to point the Dutch regions
Learn to write names of Dutch regions
Learn to read the Dutch clock

Learn interactively on your tablet

Many subjects from school you can practice at home

Whether it’s clock-time or measuring with lengths, it’s all possible with these funny knowledge apps. You often get to see nice instructions that help you to do the exercise. With small steps in the form of exercises and tests, you finally reach your learning objective and you know everything about the subject. The knowledge module is ideal to use alongside existing learning methods.



Our apps from the knowledge module, are currently only available for Dutch speaking students.

Length & Contour

Length & Contour

This app explains in a simple way how you can calculate with meters, centimetres and other lengths. The child also learns how to calculate the circumference of different figures.

Topography The Netherlands

Topography The Netherlands

In the Netherlands children from 7 years old onwards, get lessons in the topography of the Netherlands. You learn that the Netherlands consists of twelve provinces and you will learn to identify the most important places on the map. You will also learn to write the place names well without mistakes.

The Dutch clock

The Dutch clock

For all children who find it difficult to read the Dutch clock, we made this app. The app teaches you simply way in ten steps how you can read the round and the digital clock in Dutch pronunciation.

Meet our

Creative Designer

“The learning of cities and provinces goes further than finding them on the map. With our “Topography Netherlands” app, we go further by also paying attention to the correct writing of the names and learn to listen to the names. In this way, you learn to remember them better, and you know how to write the names well.”

– Kees Huige

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