Topography of The Netherlands

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The Netherlands has twelve provinces do you know them all? Do you also know the capitals of each province? In this digital workbook you get acquainted with the Topography of the Netherlands with the help of ten exercises and two tests.

In the age of 8 you start with the topography of the Netherlands. You learn that the Netherlands consists of twelve provinces and you learn to identify the most important places on the map. You will also learn to write the place names well without mistakes. This workbook contains the following seven topics:

  • The thirteen capitals
  • Places in the south of the Netherlands
  • Places in Western Netherlands
  • Places in East Netherlands
  • Places in the Northern Netherlands

In addition to designating on the map, we also added exercises that focus on being able to spell the place names correctly. We often learn to point out the places but we forget how the places are written down. The workbook closes with two keys where all names are again tested together. This time the feedback is given at the end of the exercise.

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The structure of the app

The app starts with an overview of all exercises. You first learn the provinces, capitals and then finally the smaller cities. The app has 15 different exercises with explanations and 2 tests.

The provinces and capitals

During the exercise you first see the map of the Netherlands, then you get questions about the map and you have to put the right name in the light blue block.

Practice with names of places

This exercise teaches you where the different places are on the map. The maps are divided into the South Netherlands, the West Netherlands, the East Netherlands and the Northern Netherlands. The list of cities is the same as the list that many schools use in their teaching materials.

Practice the spelling of the places

It is of course also important that you write the names well. In these exercises you get all cities once again but you have to choose the correct spelled name. This is quite tricky because sometimes the names are very similar. The app contains also exercises together with our unique Dutch keyboard in which you have to type in the name.





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