Metric system

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This app is designed for children who have trouble with calculating with lengths and the phenomenon "circumference of figures".

This app explains in a simple way in 14 steps how you can calculate with meters, centimeters and other lengths. The child also learns how to calculate the circumference of different figures. In this app you will find exercises with:

  • Calculate with proportions
  • Learning to measure
  • Calculating with lengths
  • Convert to different measurement units.
  • Add and subtract different measures.
  • Use of length measurements in practice. (for example reading a map)
  • Calculate circumference of figures.

Een oefening waarbij je moet bepalen welk dier hoger is aan de hand van gegeven lengtematen.

Learning to understand relationships

When is something bigger or smaller? And how much is slightly smaller or larger? By understanding how you can express something in relationships, you learn the basic principle of measuring. This app has different exercises with shadows of animals where you can practice this principle well.

Learn how to use length measurements

If you understand the basic principle of relationships, you can take the step to expressing it in measures such as meters and centimeters. You also need to know how to convert the different length expressions. You learn this with simple math exercises but also by using the measurements in the measuring exercises (small sizes) and practicing with distances on the map (large sizes).

Een oefening over meten, waarbij je de lengtemaat van deze poot moet uitrekenen.
Een oefening waarbij je de omtrek van dit figuur moet uitrekenen.

Calculate contour of figures

The calculation of contours of figures is done a lot. This is where all kinds of calculations come together that you have learned in the previous exercises. You practice with conversion but also adding different sizes and calculating a partial length if the total length is given. In the beginning they are still simple figures, but later the challenges become bigger and you have to discover the right way yourself.





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