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Icon van de app "Tellen tot 1000"

Counting up to 1000

The focus in this app is not actually calculating with sums but more developing a number feeling with numbers from 100 to 1000. You learn […]

App icon Vermenigvuldigen tot 500

Multiply up to 500

With this app, you can easily memorize the tables by yourself. This app contains many exercises with which you learn to multiply with the numbers […]

App icon "De tien tafels" app

The ten times tables

“The ten Times Tables” app contains a total of 90 exercises with which you can learn the multiplication tables 1 to 10. The exercises are […]

App icon "Optellen tot 100"

Add up to 100

Can you add up to 20? Then it is time to move on. In this booklet you practice additions with numbers up to 100. Calculating […]

App icon van de plus en min app

Plus and Minus

This app contains 10 chapters with different instruction pages and in total 59 interactive exercises. The structure of the app is in the form of […]

App icon "Vermenigvuldigen tot 500"


This app is developed for and together with children who are learning the first steps in calculating with decimals. This app explains within 10 steps […]