Discover the world of MagiWise


Whether you want to practice times tables or add up difficult decimal numbers. MagiWise has made an exercise with explanations for many difficult challenges in maths.


Language is not easy for children. At primary school you learn how to apply the grammar and learn to write down sentences correctly. In addition, reading comprehension plays an important role in language education. MagiWise offers at the moment exercises for Dutch and Polish language.


Our knowledge apps vary from clock telling to topography. Just those difficult facts that you can learn by practicing regularly.

The idea

Each Magiwise app is set up in the form of a digital practice booklet. You can easily scroll by dragging your finger over the pages as you are used to with ebooks. Each page contains an exercise and sometimes also an explanation that you first have to look at before you start the exercise.

A MagiWise booklet starts with an overview page with all the exercises you can make in the booklet. You can immediately see which exercises have already been made and which ones you still have to do. By means of color codes you can see if you have made the exercises correctly previously. By pressing the exercise button you go directly to the page with the exercise. It is recommended to make the exercises in order, but this is not necessary.

An app can contain one or more exercise books that you can retrieve from our MagiWise cloud. This allows you to decide which booklets you want installed on your tablet. Once you have retrieved them from the cloud you can make the exercises without being connected to the internet. This keeps the learning process stable and you are not dependent on the internet connection.

Get explanation before you start the exercise

Each booklet focuses on achieving a specific learning goal. This learning goal is achieved by practicing the subject in small steps. Often you get an explanation before you start an exercise. As soon as you complete the exercise, you can continue with the next exercise and the corresponding explanation. The explanation is often given in the form of flashcards that you can play at your own pace. Often you can also call these instructions during practice, but sometimes you will need to do the exercise without the instruction. Here is an example of an instruction from "The fraction" booklet.

Find the right solution ....

When you have understood the explanation, you can start the exercise by pressing the start button. Most exercises are made by sliding the blocks in the right place. Often different options are shown as an answer and you have to choose the right one and drag it onto the correct question mark. Sometimes there are multiple questions and you have to drag all the blocks in the right place.

When you have filled all the answering blocks, the tablet shows whether you have done well. If you have dragged a block in the right place, this block will turn green, otherwise it will turn red. If you have red blocks you often get a tip and you can do the question again. However, it will no longer counts for the points, but you still can show that you understand. Are all blocks green? Then you go to the next question.

Do you have all the questions at once correctly? Then you get three stars for the exercises. If you have a few mistakes, you get 2 or less stars. The intention is to get three stars for each exercise and let all exercises show on the overview page turn green.

How can I get MagiWise?

Separate apps per topic

We have packed many booklets as standalone apps that you can buy in the app store.

MagiWise school

With the school app you can get access to all MagiWise exercise books with a subscription for a certain period. We will also add new booklets regularly and you can download new booklets within the subscription. The MagiWise school app is only available in limited number of countries.

MagiWise School Class

This app is meant for schools and can be used through a school license. The license can be fully adapted to the wishes of the school.