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Tablet education for all children

With the MagiWise educational apps, you independently learn the difficult subjects with your tablet on your own.

Leerzame educatieve apps voor kinderen vanaf 6 jaar

“Funny, educational apps for kids”

Een methode om te leren met je tablet in drie leuke modules

“A method that is suitable for home education.”

Al vier jaar ervaring in het maken van apps voor het basisonderwijs

“We are specialist in tablet education”

MagiWise heeft een rekenmodule met apps om te leren rekenen.


Learn to count with our calculation method

Whether you want to practice either times tables or adding numbers with decimals, MagiWise has prepared a lot of difficult maths challenges for you in the form of exercises. Working with our elegant instruction cards, you will discover how much fun maths is.

to learn

Why does MagiWise work?

Met Magiwise apps leer je zoals op school.

No games but fun!

Many educational apps for children work in the shape of games in which you have to solve math or language puzzles. These apps are great fun, but it has proven that playing games only activates short-term memory. Real learning you should do with your long-term memory, and that is only possible if you get into a learning mode. MagiWise exercises are child-friendly but are actual “school” exercises that will challenge you. You can compare it to practising with textbooks.

MagiWise oefeningen zijn zonder tijd.

No time machine but practice at ease!

Most exercises are not time-bound. Often they are short exercises that you can do within 5 to 10 minutes. Many children experience stress when they have to solve something within a specific time. At MagiWise we take this into account, we only use a time clock if it makes sense. Most exercises are aimed at learning and not that you can solve something quickly.

Foutjes maken mag, je leert er namelijk van.

A mistake? Just do the question again!

The practice method aims to learn. If you have made a mistake, you will see it immediately, and you can correct it by yourself. Next time you usually know the right answer right away, but you can, of course, make another mistake. In our test panel, we see children learning the material entirely in this way. Often weeks later, they still know how to solve the question.

Bereik je leerdoelen met de apps van MagiWise

Learning goal achieved? Then you get three stars.

You can earn star badges with every exercise or test. If you have made the activity entirely well, you will receive three stars. After the task, you can always look back at the training and see which questions you have made well and which you still need to improve.

Met adaptief onderwijs zijn oefeningen nooit saai.

There are no boring exercises!

All exercises in the MagiWise apps are bundled in the form of workbooks. The workbooks start with simple exercises and work in small steps towards a challenging learning goal. If you have already learned the basics, you can quickly go to higher levels in the relevant workbook. The workbooks in the MagiWise apps are workbooks like you are used to at school Because it is digital, it is more flexible than school books.

MagiWise oefeningen werken met Schoolwerk app van Apple.

The nicest homework from your teacher!

The MagiWise apps work together with the Schoolwork app from Apple. The schools that use the Apple educational program in the classroom can easily combine exercises from our apps with other materials and send them to children as a digital task for in the school or at home on the couch.


Our newest apps

Rekenen met blokjes is leuk en leerzaam.

25 exercises

Numbers on bricks

The focus in this app is not calculating with sums, but instead developing a number sense with numbers from 100 to 1000.

Ready to start?

Feel free to view our apps on the dedicated app pages. Each app has its app page with more detailed information, including videos and links to the app store and Google play store. You can also find a list of all MagiWise apps on our international shop page. For our Dutch, Belgium and Polish customers, please visit our dedicated country sites:, and for more information about our apps in your language.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them via our contact page.

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