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Children learn school subjects by playing with MagiWise apps.

Funny interactive apps for kids
The apps include fun exercises combined with simple explanations of the subject. Uniquely, the app brings the children in a learning mode and not in a game mode. Combined with a friendly interaction, the exercises remains funny and interactive.


MagiWise platform
The learning platform MagiWise is a clever combination of apps on your tablet and an extensive library of exercises in our cloud environment.
We are specialists in tablet education
Over the years we have gained a lot of experience in developing educational apps for home and school. It is essential to find an optimal balance between child-friendliness, learning mode, and the right subjects. Only then you get a learning effect while practicing on the tablet.

The idea behind MagiWise.

With our MagiWise platform, we want to create an on-demand learning platform for primary school children where we make use of the built-in functionality of the iPad. So no web platform but a real "native" platform that runs on the tablet itself. This platform will make personal education possible and enable us to make optimal use of the existing techniques delivered with the tablet.

The MagiWise platform is a learning environment that is friendly built without complicated features. Because the exercises are installed before practicing, the platform is stable in use. Also, MagiWise is not a game platform but a real learning platform so children enter during practice in a learning mode and will not be too distracted by elements that do not directly contribute to achieving the learning goals.

Discover de world behind MagiWise

Whether you want to practice multiplication tables or numbers to add up, we have an app for many difficult subjects.


Language is not easy for children. In elementary school, you learn to apply a lot of grammar and learn to properly build sentences. In addition, reading comprehension plays an important role in language education.


If you are looking for specific topics than the knowledge app is for you. The apps range from telling time to topography. Just those difficult facts you can learn by exercising regularly.


Click on the app icon and discover more about the app.

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Our library

The library of MagiWise is growing continuously. We are continually creating new exercises for at school as well for at home on the couch. If you like to help us and/or you want to sign up as a beta tester, please contact us.

type machine

Writing exercises

By sounds learning to type words correctly is our method. MagiWise support at the moment Dutch and Polish. We are developing language exercises based on our keyboards. We aim to support many languages. If you have ideas for your own language, let us know!


Maths exercises

At present, we are developing a new app with exercises to automate addition and subtraction. The app will contain a lot of short exercises so you can practice this anytime.

How to start with MagiWise?

How to buy MagiWise apps?
IOS apps are for sale in the Apple app store. A selection is also available for Android tablets. These apps can be found in the Google Play store. Search the app store on the name "MagiWise" or click on the store badges below.
For what ages are our apps suitable?
On the detail pages, you can find information for what age the application is appropriate. In principle, we design all apps for children at primary schools and the first grade of secondary education. The apps do not contain advertisements and are designed according to the strict kids' rules defined by Google and Apple.
MagiWise School
If you want to use MagiWise in your classroom, please contact us directly. We have for you the MagiWise School app which is fully customizable according to your needs. The uniqueness of our platform is that we can quickly create new exercises which makes it possible for us to develop "on-demand" exercises for specific topics. If you are interested in particular subjects, we encourage you to contact us as well.

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